Friday, April 26, 2013

Sammy Hagar

I think I had a celebrity sighting yesterday on the morning Express.

This guy totally reminds me of Sammy Hagar. Pre-Van Halen Sammy Hagar. The one that couldn't drive 55. Yeah, before he came in and screwed up Van Halen. It might actually be him. You never know.

This is Sammy Hagar on the bus. Note the sunglasses and hidden face...yes...trying to avoid being recognized.

This is Sammy Hagar showing off his Cabo Wabo drinking skillz at the
Hard Rock (probably) Orlando.

Please let me start by saying I feel bad for Sammy Hagar on the bus. He just wanted to sleep in the articulation. He looked hung over. He's sporting a Kawasaki motorcycle jacket, yet stuck on the bus. Maybe he was being responsible and going to pick up a motorcycle he had to leave parked somewhere last night because he didn't want to chance it. Or maybe he had just been released from the Kent RJC. (Looks likely the more I think about it.)

You may or may not gather from the picture his hair is all fucked up. He could have played it off as "the messy look" or even "DUDE! I drank an entire bottle of Yukon Jack last night behind the Safeway." Either way, there are highlights in there. Apologies for the bad lighting. He's a light sleeper and I didn't want to unleash a torrent of high note Oh Yeahs and WoooooOOO!s from him.

Here's a classic video clip of the real Sammy Hagar in action back in 1984. I'm sure most Metro bus drivers sing this song to themselves as they drive down the highway.

If I was a Metro driver I would sing it over the speaker system.


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